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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

Cem-Fil 61 – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Cem-FIL® 61 is an Alkali Resistant glass fiber assembled roving designed for use in the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) composites by both premix and simultaneous spray methods. In the premix process, Cem-FIL® 61 is chopped into small strands with high abrasion resistance. The fiber remains integral and this provides easy incorporation into the matrices and efficient workability. The new sizing technology reduces the water absorption of the fiber strand, allowing a reduction in the water content of the matrix, or an increase in the fiber content. The hydrophobic behavior makes the mix more fluid and that ensures better compaction and easier release of trapped air.



1. Alkali resistant glass
2. Good unwinding
3. Easy chopping
4. High split efficiency
5. Ideal for use with complicated profiles
6. Excellent reproduction of detail
7. Suitable for both premix and spray
8. Excellent mechanical performance